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Before we even signed a contract with Gregg Architectural Builders, the service and professionalism and information given to us was exceptional. Gregg’s made the process so easy, we knew exactly what was going on all the time, and we were welcomed to site at any time that we wanted to drop by.

Our team of builders led by Simon Carmont were fabulous and nothing was EVER a problem, and we became friends, not just clients. We built during Covid and had a delay of 4 months before we received our Gib board which was completely out of Gregg Architectural Builders control. Blair Watson was outstanding with his comms during this time and project managed the frustrating time delays so well that we were able to move into our beautiful new home only 4 weeks behind schedule with EVERYTHING completed.

If you are looking to build and want a seamless, stress free process and work with a team of great people, then Gregg Architectural Builders are it. Our house is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, and we can’t thank them enough.

Jo Allan

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Garden (3)

Karen & I have used the services of Colin Gregg and his team from Gregg Architectural Builders for about 20 years. We’ve done award winning renovations, earthquake repairs, and in 2023 they built our new home in Merivale.

We’ve found Gregg Architectural Builders to be quality tradesmen with integrity. They treated us with respect and worked closely with us to achieve a fabulous result. Their professionalism made the building process stress free creating an excellent finished product we are proud to call home.

Gordon & Karen Hartley

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We knew right from the start we wanted to work with Gregg Architectural Builders due to the quality of their workmanship and their relationship with O’Neil Architects. During the entire process, the team were professional, and transparent and their friendly can-do attitude really shone through.

Both Blair, Tim and their team were extremely helpful throughout the entire build and their organisation and problem-solving ability was very helpful and crucial to the build process. They handed the house over 3 months ahead of the schedule which was the icing on the cake.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Gregg Architectural Builders to anyone looking to build and are delighted with our new home.


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We first met Colin Gregg of Gregg Builders when he and his father, Bruce, came to Mendip Hills nearly thirty years ago to rebuild our woolshed after the old one burned down in a fire. It would be true to say Bruce was not just a builder; he was a craftsman. That was the term I used when we had our opening ceremony, a good old-fashioned country party, to wet the building.

As a result, Colin was himself crafted well. He learned his trade from one who knew what it takes to lead a team of builders, who may take pride in their work, birthing projects and delivering them to their eventual owners to the satisfaction of all, with steps along the way suitably managed.

When the Kaikoura earthquakes hit Mendip in November 2016, along with countless other farms and townships, and our then venerable homestead from the 1920s had to be demolished, it was natural that Gregg Builders would be among those tendering for the job to replace it.

We already knew Chris Wilson of Wilson & Hill Architects. And so it was also natural that we went to him to design for us a new homestead, one which would be a home, yet one that would do justice to the Station, fitting seamlessly into the environment, satisfying all the complex requirements, including integrating some of the old with the benefits of the new. Chris and Colin and all the other members of the team fulfilled the vision admirably, with skill, patience, and humour - despite unforeseen setbacks, like Covid lockdowns!

The result was not merely the one we sought; it also declares the care required to accomplish truly one’s craft, from design right through to the fulfilment that may now speak for itself. Gregg Builders may justly take pride in their art.

Bryden & Catherine Black

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For our architecturally designed retirement home we chose Gregg Builders who had been highly recommended. From the day the builders moved on site to clear the section and lay the foundations the excellent communication from the Project Manager Blair Watson was outstanding. We appreciated the regular on site meetings and were impressed with the high quality of workmanship Blair’s team achieved with every aspect of the construction of our new home. When our house was completed well within the time frame that was given, we were particularly delighted that the building costs stayed within the original Greggs quote.

Thank you for a stress-free building experience.

Kevin and Gillian Shirley

47 Gregg Builders Stronsay Lane


Throughout my build I second guessed almost every aspect of the project – Was the colour of the cladding right? Should I have built a single story house instead? – but the one thing I never wavered on was my choice to use Gregg Builders. Their input and advice during the design stage was really insightful, both practical and conceptual in nature. During the build itself, they were incredible, going above and beyond in almost every way. One thing that really stood out was problem solving from both the build crew and project management. Turning a set of plans into a functioning building that meets all the necessary code whilst also working as a livable and aesthetically pleasing space is a complex endeavour. The team at Gregg Builders are experts in overcoming the inevitable issues that arise. The other thing that stood out was their commitment to their craft. The workmanship and quality of construction was exceptional. Small details are easy to overlook but they are critical to the creation of a harmonious design and no detail gets past Gregg Builders. I am stoked with how the house has turned out, it has exceeded my expectations and that is largely due to Gregg Builders. If it is not already apparent, I thoroughly recommend Gregg Builders, particularly if you are looking for a smooth, professional, collaborative, and enjoyable process that delivers high-end outcomes.

Matthew Rout

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Helmores (3)

Having worked with Gregg Builders on previous projects, there was no doubt who we were going to choose to build our own house.

Our Site Manager for the house, Blair Watson proved once again to be the very best in the business. Blair worked tirelessly with his team to deliver the house on time and to a level of quality that has now seen the house become multi-award winning amongst the most-scrutinous builders and architects - his attention to detail and dedication to achieving the very best results is unparalleled.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Colin, Katey, Blair and their team – they made the process easy and the finished results are outstanding. The architectural detailing for the house required finesse and precision and the team at Gregg Builders executed it to perfection.

We look forward to working again with Gregg Builders on our future projects - Gregg Builders are a class act in every respect

Jonathan Kennedy, Sheppard & Rout Architects Ltd

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Mount Pleasant

We knew we wanted to work with Gregg Architectural Builders early on. We spoke to previous clients of theirs, who all had great experiences and even walked through some of their homes. We had a great rapport with Craig, the project manager when we initially met. He was very genuine and interested in turning our vision into a reality. Nothing was too much trouble for the build team. We wanted a great outdoor area for the kids who love playing outside and a swimming pool sheltered from the easterly with views of the Kaikōuras and Southern Alps. We love the flow of the outdoor area and entertaining space outside. We invite friends up often for a swim. And the cinema room and living rooms open right up into the outdoor living room where we like to entertain and cook pizzas.

Simon, Homeowner


Casa Moderno

Our large contemporary home was a two-and-a-half-year build with high tech designer detailing that had to be tailormade to exact specifications. In addition to the build time we spent a year in the design phase with Jonathan Kennedy from Sheppard and Rout Architects. We knew with such a large high tech, fully architectural house the right builder choice was paramount. As ex-builders ourselves, we had a passion for construction and design detail. We met Colin Gregg through an introduction from our Quantity Surveyor and were pleased to select Greggs Builders to build our house as they had a good reputation as being one of Christchurch’s finest builders.

We were impressed early on (as I was on site most days) with Blair Watson, Gregg’s leading foreman and Project Manager, with his professionalism and focus and ‘can do’ attitude and knowledge and ability. Also appreciated was the ‘extra mile’ effort Blair contributed, and on many occasions, this was after hours to discuss options and constantly seek a level of exacting quality and if necessary ‘have it done again’ to achieve the ultimate result. The house was a challenging build and liaison between client, subcontractors and our architect were second to none. Craftmanship, quality, first class service and always the right decision and solution solving was excellent. Superb management of fortnightly site meetings that involved subs, consultants, designers, engineers etc and clients, were always well planned and executed.

Our dream house was constructed over 2 ½ years, with every detail needing to be perfect from the early set out and construction, in order to successfully deliver on our vision and the architect’s design and accommodate our many client changes. There was always a proactive manner with staff and subcontractors, ensuring the results were always first class. The relationship Gregg Builders have with staff and subcontractors shows a lot of respect they have for the quality build work produced and the construction industry they are leaders in.

We have developed a tremendous respect for the many skills that it takes to build a large, very modern, designer detailed house like ours, to a very high standard. We enjoyed the experience, and the journey where month after month we travelled through the processes that created the stages through to the finished masterpiece! We are thrilled with the finished result and just love the house. A real credit to Blair and Colin and the Gregg Builder’s team.

Gregg Builders have a serious ‘after sales’ maintenance plan and any minor issue was immediately addressed by their tradesmen or one of their experienced professional subcontractors. We would thoroughly recommend Gregg Builders to anyone contemplating a high end architectural, challenging build, if they wish to achieve an excellent result, on time and on budget.

Lance and Sue Bunting

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028 Gardiners


Right from the very start the Gregg Builders team have been great to deal with. Even before we had chosen them, they organised for us to visit a couple of their finished projects. It was clear to see they had a warm and trusting relationship with their clients. We loved the fact that they use an independent QS to assess the monthly invoicing to be sure that we are paying according to agreed costs and is accurate for work completed.

Everything was transparent, we had fortnightly site meetings to discuss work completed and the plan for the next fortnight, including decisions we needed to make. This ensured that the project stayed within projected timelines and even with Covid interrupting, and numerous “add-ons” to the scope, we moved in around 1 week before the initial completion date. That is pretty impressive given it was a 15-month build.

The team onsite was consistent throughout the project and Tim the site manager was very accommodating and patient. The whole team had an eye for detail and quality control was excellent. They kept the work site very tidy and safe. We were also appreciative of their advice for alternative products to those specified where we could potentially save costs or have a better result, always discussing this with us before any decisions were made.

There were many variations (mainly due to us changing our mind or increasing the scope of the project), and these were always discussed, priced, and approved prior to commencement of the change.

We would not hesitate to use the Gregg team again and would confidently recommend them to family, friends or anyone interested in building a new architectural home.

Pip and Chris Youngman

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A significant amount of planning goes into a new home. It’s more than just a buildingprocess, you have a visualisation of what you want, the quality finishes you require and howthe completed home it will look and feel.

The selection of building company is one of the most important decisions of the buildingprocess.

Gregg Builders skilled team of Project Managers and Craftsman Builders gives you theconfidence from day one that they are there to impress you.

Through the interaction with the Architect, Gregg Builders brings your vision to life, withtheir attention to detail, clear and inclusive problem solving, skilled craftsmanship and theno compromise values of quality, the Greggs Team delivers you a finished product you can’thelp but be impressed with.

Their attention to detail, budget control and early planning makes it seem they are buildinga home for themselves, not the client. Their 100% completion at handover is a testament tothe delivery of a fully completed home to the Gregg builders’ standards.

This outstanding result is a real credit to Craig and Colin and the Gregg Builders team, andwe would recommend Gregg builders to anyone looking to achieve their dream home, on-time and to budget.

Brent and Leanne Mirfin

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Worsley Road


Gregg Architectural Builders are highly recommended. The team at Gregg Architectural Builders has a vast experience and they are genuinely interested in making a home, rather than just building another house. We appreciated Gregg Architectural Builders upfront and honest approach and their confidence when taking on a challenging site.

Mrs Kwon

005 Harakeke


Darren O’Neil of O’Neil Architecture highly recommended Gregg Builders as a building contractor for my home.

I arranged a meeting with Colin Gregg and project Manager Blair Watson and was most impressed with their professional and friendly attitude.

We discussed the home which Darren had designed and assured me they could meet costs and build time.

They were true to their word: The final build was beyond even my highest expectations.

Dan Best their Foreman thru to all the employees and contractors who worked throughout the 12-month build was a pleasure to deal with as we together discussed the project to everyone’s satisfaction.

Blair has followed up since the completion checking if any issues had arisen.

I am so thrilled with my beautiful, warm home, that I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Gregg Builders as an exceptional, professional, entity.


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Garden (1)

We would firstly like to thank Colin and Craig for attending the many meetings we had with our Insurance Company (NZI] and the Christchurch City Council. Also thanks to your QS, Darryn Crawford who came up with a fair re-build price that was satisfactory to all parties concerned.

Both Craig and Isaac were extremely helpful as the build progressed and were efficient in sorting out any problems that arose.

They made sure that all build materials and products were arranged well in advance so there were no hold-ups along the way. Isaac and his team worked tirelessly to have the build finished as per their construction programme.
We had fortnightly site meetings, which keep us informed and made sure the build was finished on time.

We have no hesitation in recommending Gregg Builders Ltd and have already had two friends engage them as their builders. They have been diligent in their follow-up with inspections and touch-ups and their “subbies” were extremely friendly and professional.

We are thrilled with our new house and the very high standard that it was built to.

With thanks,
Brian and Heather Guthrie.

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Planning our ‘dream’ house was something that we had spent considerable time and effort working towards. Essentially this was our first house and a place we wanted family and friends to enjoy for generations. Build quality and workmanship were important aspects of the project, as was the ability to take an active part in the build. The team at Gregg Builders guided us through the build and worked with us to provide sensible cost effective solutions to the idiosyncrasies of architectural designed homes.

There were several notable aspects of working with the team at Gregg Builders. Of particular note was the perseverance onsite to complete the project. Once established, Gregg Builders staff and subcontractors remained until the entire job was complete – rain hail or snow!!

The term ‘the proof in is the pudding’ holds true with our house. We were told ‘there will be some things you’ll get wrong and do differently next time’. Whilst this is true, and some small things we would do differently, we would not change the team of people that helped create our house. The build quality is high and the craftsmanship clearly discernible. Gregg Builders achieved this ‘in spades’. We are now living in a beautiful house that has become our home.


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During the building process we found the team at Gregg Builders to be excellent. Project Manager Craig and Foreman Jaeren ensured we were happy with the build progress and process at our fortnightly site meetings.

Any changes we wanted during the process we discussed and after offering their own valuable advice were implemented with ease, they were always happy to go the extra mile to keep us happy to ensure an excellent outcome. This has also extended to the after
build period whereby any remedial work or additions required by us have been organised efficiently.
We found the on-site team to be friendly and professional who also kept a tidy work site.

We are very pleased with our new house – it is beautifully finished and feels just like home.

We continue to use Gregg Builders for any building work we require with our business or in our current home and would highly recommend the team at Gregg Builders to anyone considering building.

Mel & Stuart Ecroyd

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Glen Oaks

We had previously lived in a house that Gregg Builders had built and were so very impressed with that house’s style, quality and craftsmanship that when the time came for us to build a new house there was no doubt in our minds that we would consider any building firm other than Gregg Builders. What a great decision that was.

Our new house is now complete. The building process exceeded our expectations and was a truly enjoyable experience for us. This firm is so very professional, has strong systems and processes and has a culture of excellence in every respect. Colin leads a great team of people who reflect his style which is friendly, approachable and inclusive. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

A project plan was presented at the beginning and a project meeting was held with us and the team every fortnight. Alongside the building project plan was a schedule of itemized costings which was amended monthly as the job progressed. It was always a very transparent process. The build came in on budget and the 10 month project extended just a fortnight past the initial project completion date. This was a great achievement in the challenging construction environment of post-earthquake Christchurch and testament to the strong relationships that Gregg Builders have with their subcontractors.

The quality of workmanship in our house is of the highest standard and we are so very grateful to Colin and his team for building us a house that we are extremely proud of and for making it all such a happy and positive experience.

Coral and Stuart Brander

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Right from our first meeting with Colin Gregg we felt comfortable that we would be building with a company who would strive to understand what we were trying to achieve and would be genuine in their approach to seeing that realised. The personal and approachable manner in which Colin works ensured that the build process for us was neither daunting nor problematic.

Our project was managed in a professional and efficient manner, meeting budgets and delivering each stage as promised. Productive on-site meetings and regular contact with Craig as Project Manager, ensured it was an inclusive process so that we understood exactly what was happening along the way and where we could be further involved.

We were impressed with the quality of workmanship and dedication to achieve the best finish possible. The team worked through any difficulties with design details in a positive and proactive manner ensuring we had the result we wanted to achieve and that we were happy with the outcome. The relationships Gregg Builders have with sub-contractors and other third parties show the respect they have for both the work they do and the industry they work within.

Building our home was an enjoyable experience and we are thrilled with the end result that Gregg Builders helped create for us.

Kirsty & Julian Brown

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To Craig, Steve, Colin and the team

We would like to formally thank you for the great experience we had working with you all in building our new home. We are both very busy in our jobs and not having the ‘build stress’ made a real difference. Having the confidence things were under control was important. A special mention of Steve, the man on the site. He knew the plans inside out, and any problems were sorted; options and solutions were presented. And appreciation to Craig for ensuring all went smoothly and that decisions were timely.

We would also like to mention the quality focus of those working on our home; both your team and the subcontractors. They were all very friendly, courteous and pleasant people who took pride in their work. Now the build is finished we miss the contact and interaction.

Your management systems are sound, and having regular site meetings kept us informed. Your focus on the programme also gave us confidence about the deadlines, and having the house completed ahead of schedule was appreciated. The financial management went smoothly and was a very transparent process.

The finished product is outstanding and we can’t fault the quality of the work.

We would certainly recommend you to others.

Regards Ken and Alison

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Becky and I just wanted to send you and your team a note to let you know how happy we are with our new home. Having been in the building industry ourselves for the past 22yrs as specialist Rockcote applicators we have a good knowledge of and have close ties to several outstanding builders. Selecting a builder to replace our EQ damaged home was always going to be a difficult choice. In our opinion Gregg Builders stood out above all others we have worked for not only for their quality but for the way the whole Gregg Builders team, subbies included conduct themselves onsite.

With the huge volume of work on in our city during the construction of our new home and with most companies having their staff working multiple projects at once, it was a real concern of ours that we would only see our builder once a fortnight as we have witnessed so many others have to put up with. We were specifically impressed that once Blair, Corey and Will started on our site they turned up every day, 5 days a week for the duration of our build.

Your foreman Blair is an absolute credit to the Gregg Builders team and the success of our project was largely down to the way both him and your PM Craig really drive the progress onsite. Their free and open communication with us made decision making very easy for us. Having Blair and his team onsite every day he was able to sort any issues/queries with subbies immediately, not days later. This I believe was the main reason why you managed to deliver our house to us 3 weeks in front of schedule.

Our build used a number of different materials and/or techniques and not once did this faze the boys onsite, any obstacles were quickly overcome. At one point Blair even saying “we haven’t looked at the plan since we got the framing up” shows how adaptable they were to a very bespoke style of home and owner!

Colin & Katey, thank you for creating our dream home. Your Gregg Builders craftsmen have produced us the home that Becky and I never imagined we would ever own, one that we are immensely proud of and one that is extremely pleasant to live in….. and show off to our friends and family.

Kind Regards,
Glenn & Becky Munro
Properly Plastered

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A huge thank you to Gregg Builders on the completion of 140 Straven Rd.

We sincerely thank you and your wonderful team – office and especially Craig and Steve who were absolutely great to work with – nothing was a problem and communication was outstanding! Not just saying this with Craig being sort of related to our family – he really was outstanding.

Thank you again Colin, Katey and your marvellous team of builders.

We have a lovely house which hopefully will impress prospective buyers.

Kind regards
Ann & Martin Evans

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A1 Property Managers 00 807

A1 Property Managers

When we secured the site we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve from the space. From the beginnings as a Garage back in the 1950’s the building offered some unique features that hadn’t been seen for decades. While some strengthening was required we went the extra mile to achieve 100% NBS and in doing so were able to retain and expose the character of the building. Together with the strengthening we converted the space to a modern chic workspace with hints of it’s industrial past.

Some of the large wooden lattice trusses had to be lovingly restored to their former glory, Craig, Paul the site foreman and his team made light work of the keen detail that was required for the restoration and fitout. At times there was a lot to co-ordinate with steel fitters, engineers, acoustic wall linings and sound proofing. You can tell by the finished product that they got it all 100% right.

It was a pleasure to deal with Craig and Paul, nothing was a problem and any un expected issues were quickly and easily dealt with. Their industry knowledge certainly brought comfort to the fact that we’d selected the right craftsmen.

Hamish Wilson


Garden (2)

Building a home can be a stressful exercise. Our relationship with Gregg Architectural Builders was positive and everything went very smoothly. Once we had chosen our architect, Colin Gregg attended every meeting throughout the design and planning stage. When building commenced we had fortnightly meetings with Project Manager, Craig Wilson, and Foreman, Jaeren Claus. Each step was professionally managed and we were given an agenda which outlined the expectations of us and what we could expect from Gregg Architectural Builders. This was particularly helpful as we were living out of Christchurch at the time, so it made our days in town much more efficient and streamlined. The icing on the cake was that we were able to move into our new home two months earlier than scheduled.

We are proud to live in a house that was awarded Gold Reserve in Registered Master Builders House of the Year 2018. This is a worthy testament to the exceptional standard and professionalism we experienced from Gregg Architectural Builders.

- Alli Stockton

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Rio Vista

The decision to build a new house is a major one, right from finding a suitable site, to an architect with a style you like, to a builder who is prepared to build the house the way you want it.

We were fortunate in deciding early to use Gregg Builders and to involve them in all the decisions from the very start. This resulted in a smooth planning process, and we were impressed that right from the beginning Colin and Project Manager Blair were happy to attend lots of meetings with us involving Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Site inspections etc. As an out of town build, this involved quite a lot of traveling but they were always happy to oblige which we really appreciated.

Once the build was underway, this service continued right through to the building team who were always happy to answer our queries and made some very worthwhile suggestions which was great as this was our first foray into building a house. Our new home was finished on time and to budget which was a real credit to the Gregg Builders team; they were a pleasure to work with. Thank you, guys, we love our new home with plenty of sunshine and a magnificent view.

Jacqui and Richard Watson

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I was looking for a good builder that would be able to come into my home and help me with costing, design, experience and outstanding knowledge with building skills. I was introduced to Colin and Katey Gregg of Gregg Builders Ltd through a mutual friend and had an instant rapport with them both, on a personal level and also with my home and business. They are both genuine minded people.

What I liked about Gregg Builders and why I choose them above all the other building companies was their ease with making decisions and if there was something tricky I wanted to achieve, they approached with a positive attitude and could always deliver. They were happy to go the extra mile to helping me create everything I wanted.

Halton Street is the third project we have come together for and each project gets bigger than the last. With all the work we have completed, the workmanship has been at the highest standard, meticulous in all aspects from start to finish.

The experience as a whole with Gregg Builders, I could not fault them. I am very happy with everything and would highly recommend them to look after your building project. In fact I would not go anywhere else. Gregg Builders is a company you can rely on and trust.

Kindest Regards
Angelique Armstrong

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We are very happy to provide this letter recommending Colin Gregg and his fine team of builders and subcontractors who built our new house in Christchurch on plans provided by Simon Elvidge of M.A.P. architects.

Throughout the building process we had total confidence in the quality of the workmanship and attention to detail. Each member of the team treated us with courtesy at all times and their consideration to the surrounding neighbours during the building process was commendable.

Their time frame estimated at 7 months was exact and the costings fell within our budget.

We are delighted with our new home and would not hesitate to recommend Gregg Builders with confidence to anyone considering building a new home.

Murray and Sandra Greig

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Gregg Builders where the builder of choice for this complex after recently completing the owners architectural home.
17 Sherborne street boasts modern living at its best, thermally broken windows with soundproof glass, pink batts ultra to both walls and ceilings, vinyl plank flooring and a modern kitchen with high-end appliances. Upstairs consists of a sunny, bright double bedroom with a large ensuite completed with quality fittings. Outside looks stunning with the painted linea weatherboards and rendered Integra panel, all apartments are fully landscaped with private patios and turf lawns for the carefree state of the art living.



Colin had an empathy for what we were seeking to achieve in the project and to meet the aspirations of the architect, David Shepherd.

We were impressed with how organised Gregg Builders were right from the onset. Their attention to detail, strong project management, meeting deadlines and frequent communication with us was impressive no problem being to big or small to deal with.

We appreciated the way in which they tried their best to minimise the disruption to neighbours and were particular about keeping their work area as tidy as possible including Health and Safety.

Gregg Builders employs a staff of enthusiastic and energetic men that are very particular and take pride in their work producing a high quality product.

Gregg Builders built the house but we were included in the journey. It is our pleasure to recommend them if you are seeking a high quality building that you will be able to enjoy for a long time, and continue to have a relationship with Gregg Builders.

Lawrence and Denise May

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Our company has dealt with Gregg Builders for approx 10 years ranging from the complete rebuild of retirement units to urgent earthquake repairs.

When our home needed a major earthquake repair and upgrade, there was no question as to who our preferred builder would be!
We have always found Colin and his team to be considerate professional tradesman with sound business principles.

The “Gregg Builders team” made the whole process stress free!

Gordon & Karen Hartley

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I am delighted to provide a reference for Gregg Builders Ltd. I first met Colin & Katey Gregg three years ago when I had just purchased land to build on in Dover St, St Albans.

Gregg Builders Ltd exceeded my expectations with their helpful, friendly approach. Al their work was completed to a high professional standard and my long awaited home was built to budget and on schedule.

A delivery of sawdust was laid to help keep the site mud free and a big “site cleanup” on Fridays kept the area tidy. As I lived in a house on the front of the section this was much appreciated by both my self and my neighbours who share the driveway.

Katey organised photographs of the completed project. Well done to you both of you for a well organised project. I wish you all well for the future.


Sue Milligan
93 Dover St, St Albans, Christchurch

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Gregg Builders were selected to build two high-spec town houses at 370 and 372 Durham St, based on their longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. In this hectic post-earthquake environment, it was especially pleasing to be working with builders who got started quickly, and worked steadily throughout the build. They maintained open lines of communication, held regular site meetings, and due to the depth of their experience, were able to provide valuable advice whenever required. The new owners of these two stunning townhouses are very happy with the results of their work. I would recommend Gregg Builders to others wanting an efficient build process, and a high quality finish.

James Clark
Beachside Projects Limited

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Gregg Builders have built our new house at 45A Holmwood Road, Fendalton, Christchurch. I am happy to say, that I would recommend Gregg Builders, as an excellent building company. Gregg builders staff display a professional attitude at all times and produce quality workmanship. Colin Gregg, ably supported by his wife Kate, was a pleasure to deal with and was always accessible throughout the building process.

Gregg Builders have been a pleasure to work with, being professional throughout, showing sensitivity to neighbours and having a quiet work site without radios blaring like some other sites I have been on. They also were very safety conscious and, any problems on site were dealt with openly and without too much drama.

Gregg Builders completed the job on time and within budget, allowing for the inevitable variations that the owner might ask for.

Their product, has 5 year Master Builders Warranty, which I feel is essential today, when building a new home.

Sincerely yours
Ron P Williams

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Residential Ramahana Road 03


We loved working with Craig Wilson (our Project Manager) and Isaac Carnie (our Foreman) on the rebuild of our home. They were both totally onto every aspect of the job and very easy to communicate with. Isaac's desire to get everything exactly how we wanted it to be (or better!) was unbelievable, and Craig made everything flow beautifully. Can't rate them highly enough!

Jan and Ian Harrison



Four years ago we started to think about building a house. We are now sitting in that house which would not have become a reality without the wonderful talents of Gregg Builders. We approached Colin on the basis of a recommendation from one of his previous clients and he and all his team have been outstanding in every way.

We are hugely grateful to Colin and his team for doing such a great job. We have developed a tremendous respect for the many skills that it takes to build a house like ours to a high standard. We cannot imagine how the experience could have been better. Gregg Builders built our house but we were able to travel along with that process in a way that suited us. That is also a great talent. No two clients are the same and no two houses are the same. It takes great skill to build a house for a client in a way that ends up with the house the client wants, built in a way that the client finds satisfying. On the basis of our experience we would recommend Gregg Builders to anyone who wants to feel the excitement of the project, who wants a quality house, and who wants that done skilfully and well.

Kon & Alison Kuiper

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Colin and his team built our dream home in the 2nd half of 2008. We were very happy with the build and amazed at how well Colin dealt with issues as they arrived. His concern for what we wanted and what was right was second to none, in situations where I would have let something pass Colin sent it back and would not accept anything but perfect.

The attention to detail was excellent.The advice and guidance from Colin and his team was much appreciated from the first planning stages to completion, things that seemed huge and daunting were taken care of easily. We were 1st home builders and compared to some of the horror stories we’ve heard, our experience was excellent. Colin promised us we’d be in for Xmas and against all the odd’s, mainly getting started at exactly the time the weather folded in for the winter. He did it. We have no hesitation recommending Gregg Builders.

If we ever build again they will be the first we call. Our home is beautiful and we love it. Gregg Builders made it possible and we thank Colin, Katey and the team very much.

Ian and Camille King

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Russley Village

Director of The Russley Village Limited, Graham Wilkinson said that Gregg Builders had been selected as contractor based on their quality reputation. “Having had Colin and the team on my own house, I knew that they would deliver a superior result unlike most other builders,” he commented.

Graham Wilkinson

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I am writing this reference on behalf of Colin Gregg and his company Gregg Builders Ltd. Colin has built two homes for me and my family over the last 5 years, and although neither house was particularly easy to build, both were finished on time, and budget and to the highest standard of workmanship. Colin took the time before building to sit down and sort out any potential pitfalls, and any problems that arose during or after construction were quickly dealt with. I found Colin and all his staff to be hard working, friendly and courteous, and only happy to explain things to me as they went along. The end result is a house that is well built, comfortable to live in and is constantly admired by friends and strangers alike.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gregg Builders Ltd for any building project and am sure you will enjoy the same level of professionalism that I have.

Jenny & Tony Hay

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