Seventy-five successful years
in the building industry speaks
volumes about the quality of
Gregg Builders's work

Gregg Builders in Christchurch was established in 1939 by Master Builder George Gregg.

His son Bruce and now his grandson Colin have continued the proud tradition of master craftsmanship, growing Gregg Builders into one New Zealand’s leading builders of quality architecturally designed homes.

Colin Gregg was destined to become a builder from the day he was born.

“Both my grandfather, George Gregg, and my father, Bruce Gregg, were builders and I can remember from an early age that all I wanted to do was follow in their footsteps and become a Master Builder.”

Colin began an apprenticeship of sorts when he was still at primary school. Every Saturday, he would accompany his father while he worked, soaking up everything he could about the business, listening and watching, taking it all in.

When Colin moved on to high school, he began working for Bruce during the holidays.

“I can still remember the excitement of getting my first pay packet at the end of the week along with all the other guys. It felt good to be part of a team and I couldn’t wait to finish school and become a builder.”

In 1983, Colin began his official apprenticeship. His father set high standards, and expected a lot – sometimes, Colin thought at the time, too much.

As they worked together over the coming years, Colin gradually learned the secrets of building houses; those that will pass the test of time. From foundations to finishing joinery, Colin and Bruce did it all, and the mystery of the whole process fell away. At last Colin had become a Master Builder, just like his father and grandfather.

Although the fundamentals of good building practice remain constant, the industry has become more complex over the last 20 years. “The days of working with a few skilled sub-contractors are over, and to the outsider, the building process can seem more daunting than ever.” That’s where Gregg Builders can make the difference.

“The process of house building is like putting together an enormous jigsaw puzzle. There are architects, surveyors, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and staff to manage, materials to select, deadlines to achieve, and budgets to meet.”

As attention to detail and an eye for the broader picture are essential at every stage, Gregg Builders has refined the design and build process to ensure clients have a stress-free experience.

If you want your next home or project built by a proven quality-driven, cost-effective master builder, then give Gregg Builders a call to arrange a free consultation.


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