Project Management

Gregg Builders believes that good project management is paramount for successful communication between all parties concerned. As such, regular meetings are key in ensuring continual open lines of communication, and effective project management.

For every project, the Gregg Builders team sets out fortnightly site meetings (with an agenda is sent out 24 hours prior to meeting) so that everybody in attendance has time to think about the updates and issues under discussion.

All meetings are minuted and emailed to all attendees (as well as architects and quantity surveyors) to ensure all parties are kept in the loop at every stage of construction. When completion is near, Gregg Builders often needs to hold weekly meetings to make final decisions to ensure a perfect finish.

Both Gregg Builders’s Managing Director Colin Gregg, and its Project Manager Craig Wilson, attend these meetings. Typical aspects of building that will be discussed include:

1.    Site progress against timeline/schedule
2.    Any issues on site with construction
3.    Selection of materials
4.    Colour schemes
5.    Procurement of supplies
6.    Sub-contractors

A timeline schedule is also produced by an independent professional, laying out the start and completion dates, and the critical path that must be taken to achieve this. This is monitored on a monthly basis, with a progress report produced to identify issues that could cause delays, and how they will be rectified. This progress report is issues to all sub-contractors, and of course you, the client – you are kept as informed as everybody working on the project itself.

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