Architectural Design

Gregg Builders works with a wide range of architects at the forefront of the industry. Let the team know what type of house or building project you have in mind, and it can help you choose a suitable architect.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveying is one of the most important parts of building.

Depending on what stage you are at, Gregg Builders likes to get the quantity surveyor involved as early as possible, so that you know exactly where you are heading on the financial side of your project. Where necessary, things can then be changed or altered to fit your budget. The earlier the quantity surveyor gets involved in the project, the clearer your budget and design/build projection can be.

Project Management

Gregg Builders believes that good project management is paramount for successful communication between all parties concerned. As such, regular meetings are key in ensuring continual open lines of communication, and effective project management.

Interior Design

Gregg Builders has worked with a wide range of interior designers, all of whom are at the forefront of their industry. The Gregg Builders team is experienced in taking in your design thoughts and aesthetic style, and helping you choose the most suitable interior designer.

Design and Build

Gregg Builders has established itself as a leading development company, building outstanding homes at the luxury end of the market.

The company now offers a full-service design and build package. From selecting a section and getting through new earthquake building codes through to handing you the keys, and even ongoing property maintenance, Gregg Builders will ensure that you get its second-to-none commitment to producing a top-level architectural masterpiece.



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