Architectural Design

Gregg Builders works with a wide range of architects at the forefront of the industry. Let the team know what type of house or building project you have in mind, and it can help you choose a suitable architect.

Craig Wilson, Gregg Builders’s project manager, works closely with both architects and engineers throughout every stage of building a new home – from getting consent approved for an architecturally-ambitious design under new earthquake codes, to the final touches before moving in.

Gregg Builders has completed projects designed by the following New Zealand architects:

  • Sheppard & Rout Architects Ltd
  • O’Neil Architecture Ltd
  • Dalman Architecture Ltd
  • Trengrove Architects Ltd
  • Fulton Ross Team Architects
  • Boyd Chamberlain
  • CoLab Architecture Ltd
  • Ian Krause Architects Ltd
  • DD Architects
  • Weir Walker Architecture
  • Map (Modern Architecture and Partners)
  • C Nott Architect
  • Hill/Miles Architecture
  • Roger Buck & Associates
  • Foley Design
  • Replica Homes Ltd
  • Murray Brown
  • David Stevens
  • Tim Field
  • John Curtain

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